Indelible recording studio

Written on 04/02/2021
Loïc De Bénazé

Located in South Normandy, at Saint-Lô, at a few kilometers from the A84 motorway going from Caen to Rennes via the Mont St Michel, our residential recording studio allows our artists and customers to serenely record their single, EP or LP with the support of very experienced French sound engineers that we will present to you soon on this page.

Our cutting-edge audio equipment will give you a warm sound you are looking for,  by the use of legendary  BAE Neve microphone preamps, the best preamps made in UK and California, an old stone building acoustics and the best analog-to-digital conversion system  Apollo X by Universal Audio.
Our mixing desk is an Ocean Ark Audio 500, designed by Malcom Toft and made in his own workshops close to London (Malcom Toft was the founder of the famous mixing desks Trident and  worked with David Bowie to record and mix the album Aladdin Sane.

Our house has several bedrooms to accommodate musicians, two bathrooms, a large open kitchen at the bottom of one of the recording rooms for more conviviality like a living room.

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Our rates with the included services of our sound engineers are very competitive for talented bands and songwriters looking for inspiration and calm to record around a pine wood and a valley

Rates per day :
One day of 8 hours : 360 euros excluding VAT (20%) - 432 euros with VAT
Lock out 24 hours with accommodation : 500 euros excluding VAT (20%) - 600 euros with VAT.

Or choose a fixed budget for the recording of your next single, EP or LP,  editing, mixing and mastering included or not, according to your needs, to be agreed together.

We can't wait to discover your songs.
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