HOW LONG  is the first song on the side B from the album Don't break the mirror"  written by the French rock band Mélanie Destroy.


One of my favorite published songs from the Lanskies : Realize, available on streaming platforms (EP Romeo - label Add it up - 2011) and recorded in the Indelible recording studio at the end of 2010.


FLPi (Frédé & Loïc in Pigalle) is a not a serious rock duo. They write only one song per year.

Indelible recording studio

Indelible recording studio

Indelible recording studio in south Normandy (France)

Recording studio rates (FR) in €

Recording services rates, to download, PDF file in French below

Technical sheet, recording studio equipment

You can download the technical sheet audio equipment - PDF file at the end of the page Fiche technique Indelible recording Studio (French)

photos of the recording studio by Frédé on April 11, 2021

Jesus don’t Believe in God - By Mélanie Destroy

The track “Jesus don't Believe in God” played by Mélanie Destroy, is available today on all the audio streaming platforms.Warning ! it moves, a rock resurrection from France.

Summertime news with LyriX

LyriX started his solo project in 2020 after someone told him « no one cares about lyrics, nobody listens to them anwyway ». At this point, he had a choice : he could either start a war, quit, or simply find a new name for his songwriting. He went for the 3rd option. LyriX sings in English about the beauty of vulnerability and strong feelings.

Summertime news with Mélanie Destroy

We are happy to announce the release of Mélanie Destroy's vinyl album for October 2021 (vinyl LP record) and December (digital).